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PRIMASTUDY - Education, Training & Consultancy, focuses itself in developing and utilizing all mind potentials - conscious and unconscious - improving optimum learning process to get more satisfying results in one’s life. Established in 2004, PRIMASTUDY has made several different products and services to support its main purposes. You can learn more about the products and services by browsing this website or contacting PRIMASTUDY.

Do you know the significance of mind development? Genius is everyone’s inherent ability; while learning is natural characteristic of any living organisms. The purpose of learning is to keep expanding our genius. As the world becomes more and more complex, learning is no longer needed, instead it's urged. From statistical data on information theory by George Anderla, the amount of information had doubled in 1500 years, during the period from Jesus to Leonardo da Vinci. It doubled again in only 250 years during the period of Da Vinci to Bach. The amount then doubled again until the early 1900, and it even only took shorter period for the same cycle to repeat during the period of 1967 – 1973. Jacques Vallee, Ph.D predicted that recently the amount of information will double every 18 months. One of the signs that indicates this phenomenon obviously shown on how fast information and communication technology changing and being renewed. In 2012 it is predicted that the quantity of information will double everyday. Hence “the” question will be how effective we process information rather than how much information we can collect. Failures in processing information will create failures in other aspects of life. This fact directs us to an important conclusion that improving and expanding mind potential is undoubtedly very important to achieve the best in life.

This website is PRIMASTUDY's contribution in improving the quality of human resource in Indonesia. Dedicated for those who desire (have wanted) the awareness on the significance to develop their only and the utmost valuable mean, MIND. On this site you’ll find many sources you can use to enhance your mind and life’s quality. If you’re expecting effortless popular psychology TIPS, you are entering the wrong site!!! Here you can learn many articles containing methods of self-improvement taken directly from hypnotherapy sessions. All of these articles are enough to fill 20 books altogether (many of them probably can be found cited by many other sites). You can also reprogram your non-conscious (sub-conscious/unconscious) mind using various high quality self-hypnosis CDs. The good news is all of these articles are always updated periodically and provided to you for free. You’re only expected to give comments in return. Please spare your few minutes to fill out our guest book or mail us. Any given input will be very much appreciated and useful to increase the quality of our work.

Beside of those mentions, PRIMASTUDY also provides Ericksonian Hypnotherapy sessions. The objective of this therapy is to help those who have issues like eliminating bad habits (eg. smoking) to devastating traumas or phobias. If yours is one the issues, yet your financial condition is not supporting, PRIMASTUDY provides you with Pro-Bono Hypnotherapy, where you can get ‘the help’ needed for free.

Related to training, PRIMASTUDY has several programs and will keep developing many similar ones. Training programs that we provide has several classifications, such as:

  • CoachingBest Buy
    (One-on-one coaching session for MAXIMUM result)
  • In-House/Company
    (Distinguished training designed for company’s needs)
  • Social Oriented
    (Non-profit training, held for social benefit, related institutions only required to provide all accommodation needed for carrying out the event)
  • Public
    (Training that rendered in public)

The followings are the programs provided:

  • Prima Memory
    (Memory boosting program, at least 300% increase)
  • Prima Focus
    (Concentration improvement program, Theory and Practice and Meditation)
  • Self Regulation Training
    (SRT attempts to undo changes to the brain caused by trauma. It works by helping the brain re-learn how to produce brainwave patterns that help it to function effectively.)
  • Effective Reading Skills
    (Personal reading effectivity improvement program)
  • Prima Creativity
    (Creativity enhancement program
  • Logical Thinking Skills
    (Program aimed at providing individual with logical and systematic thinking)
  • Spirituality in Learning
    (Program intended to enrich individuals with inspiring value of spirituality aspects in learning)
  • Persuasive Teaching
    (Program for education practitioner to optimize learning process)
  • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
    (Milton H. Erickson, MD's methodology hypnotherapy program)
  • Self Hypnosis Training
    (Program directed to provide individual with self-hypnosis to elicit any hidden mind potential)
  • Bahasa Indonesia Coaching
    (Personalised and designed to improve your Bahasa Indonesia communication skills, specially for non native speaker, whether focusing in social, business, financial, diplomatic or legal.)

If you’re interested to any of the sources presented on this site, you can always find out the updates, or just be in touch with those who have gained awareness on the importance of mind enhancement and improvement by joining us in our mailing list which carried out directly by PRIMASTUDY.

Last but not the least, from my humble heart, I invite you to START EXPANDING YOUR GENIUS


Happy Learning,

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Yovan P. Putra
Chief Master Trainer
Certified Hypnotherapist


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